Navigating New Heights: Know more about Daniel’s Journey with Latitudde’s 7 Summits Internship Program

Hello, I’m Daniel Valente, and I embarked on a transformative journey with the Latitudde 7 Summits Internship program in early March 2023.

Having completed my master’s degree in Computer Science at Universidade da Beira Interior, I was eager to kick-start my professional journey. The 7 Summits internship program at Latitudde felt like the perfect platform to take my first steps into the dynamic world of IT. Little did I know, it would be an incredible and challenging experience.

One of the factors that influenced my decision to join Latitudde was the proximity of their Beira Interior office to Covilhã. Being close to home allows me to be more present at the office, creating a conducive environment for professional growth.

In the initial weeks, I immersed myself in training programs designed to broaden my skill set. I familiarized myself with programming languages and frameworks such as .Net, Angular, and Micro Services – technologies that were initially unfamiliar but soon became integral to my toolkit.

Latitudde’s 7 Summits internship program draws inspiration from the world’s seven tallest mountains. As you ascend these peaks, metaphorically representing aspirations, skills, projects, and technologies, you progress logically within the company. It’s a journey from a junior consultant to a seasoned senior consultant, where continuous learning propels your professional evolution.

Soon, fellow trainees and I found ourselves grappling with challenging yet fascinating projects that honed both our technical prowess and soft skills. In my case, I refined my technical precision and analysis rigor while enhancing collaborative and communication skills.

My debut project involved developing an app to manage and monitor the progress of credit cards. The intricacy of the project demanded rigorous guidance from experts on both Latitudde’s and the client’s sides. Managing such precision, delicacy, and direct client interaction in a first project was indeed a challenge, but it was a valuable learning experience. The project, utilizing .Net Core (C#, Windows Forms) and SQL, marked the beginning of my hands-on journey.

Following this, I delved into Flutter training before swiftly transitioning to a project that allowed me to explore my passion for Data Analysis. Working with SQL, Grafana, Prometheus, and Docker, I not only honed technical skills but also advanced my soft skills through increased client interaction.

What makes Latitudde’s internship program stand out is its richness. As interns, we seamlessly integrate into teams, gaining a 360º perspective on projects. There is no distinction between employees and interns, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.

My journey at Latitudde has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been guided by seasoned professionals who imparted valuable lessons, displaying an unexpected openness and willingness to help me grow into a top-notch IT professional. I’m immensely grateful for joining Latitudde’s team of developers and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking their first IT job.